Flatbackki millipedks

Also known as plated millipedes, members of this family are less rounded than other millipedes. They have no eyes and are generally dull-colored, with expansions on the top part of their body segments that project horizontally. In most species, many of the body segments contain glands that can produce toxic chemicals to deter predators.

• i jfk Cycle; Like other millipedes, the females lay eggs in nests made in soil. Young stages live in the soil, whereas older stages and adults forage for food on the surface.

• OCCl IRRENCE Northern I lemisphere. In woodland leaf litter. Some species are found in caves.

• REMARK Some Californian species in the genus Motyxia arc luminescent. There are other species of flat-backed millipede that can live under water.

ro/.Yn/ SMl'S SPKCIKS may be mistaken for centipedes because of their flat shape. However, members of this genus can easily be distinguished by their paired legs -obvious in the right-hand specimen.

lateral expansion to body segment brown coloration white or yellow-orange margins to expansions in some speeies lateral expansions backward-pointing

• shiny, pitted surface paired legs

Length ylh_\yAin (0.5-3.2cm)

Feeding habits 0 0



No. of species gQQ

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