As their common name suggests, these squat, round-eyed bugs arc highly effective jumpers. Many species have drab coloring but some are brightly colored black and red or yellow and black. Frog-hoppers look similar to spittle bugs (above) and can also be confused with leaf-hoppers (see p.96).

• I ILL CYCLE Little is known pronotum wider about the life cycle of many species, although some lay their eggs in or on soil.

• OCCl JRRENCE Worldwide, especially in warmer regions. On a wide variety of shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants.

distinctive black-attd-red wanting coloration than head tapering ahdornen squat body head as wide as pronoturn hind tibiae have one or two strong spines and a circle o f smaller ones round eyes

A (¡ynorraoriax thi ora comes from the Philippines and Korea. It is a strong jumper, and its brightly colored wings help to warn off predators.

<1 ClRCOriS 17 I.N I RATA nymphs live under the ground, surrounded by a protective frothy mass that they produce. They feed on plant roots.

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