Fungus gnats

Small and mosquito-like, these flies are generally brown, black, or yellowish. I lowever, some species may be brightly colored. The thorax is characteristically humped, and the legs arc long and slender.

• LIFE CYCLE Eggs arc usually laid in fungi, on or under bark on cave walls, and in nests. The larvae mostly eat fungi and arc found inside fungi, in dead wood and decaying vegetation, or under bark. Some larvae eat tiny insects and worms. Pupation occurs inside larval food or in a silk cocoon.

• OCCl JRRENCE Worldwide. In damp, dark places such as woods and caves, and near rotting vegetation and fungi.

• REMARK The cave-dwelling, luminescent larvae of Arachnoca inpa species, which live in

Australia and New Zealand, catch flying insects on sticky threads that they hang from the cave rock.

humped thorax long and slender antennae very elongate first leg segment (coxa)

A MAC ROC ERA SIIC MA is a widespread western European species with hairs on its wings.

Larvali are white, smooth, and very slender, with a brown or black head.

spines on tibiae long f irst segment of tarsi riatyljra marc in ata is a fairly large, dark-colored species that is found in western Europe. Its larvae live underneath decaying wood.

long f irst segment of tarsi

Length mft-%in (0.2-1.5cm)

Larval feeding habits ^ ^

Order olptkra

Family psychodidae

No. of species 2 ()()()

long hairs broad wings small body on wing with pointed covered in

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