Gall wasps

These wasps are shiny red-brown or black and usually have fully developed wings. The thorax has a humped appearance, and the abdomen of the female is flat.

• life Cycle The female lays her eggs inside the tissue of oak species or other woody plants. This induces the host plant to develop a swollen gall that protects and nourishes the developing larvae. Galls vary enormously in size, color, texture, and location and may contain one or more developing larvae.

• OCCURRENCE Worldwide, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. In a variety of habitats, wherever suitable host trees and plants grow.

REMARK The tissue inside plant ga! may support diverse communities of organisms, many of which are parasitic wasps.

_ shitty, punctured surface dark central stripe m on thorax shiny, yellota. red abdomen

ANDRIClIS QUERClJSRADIC/S is a widespread European wasp that uses many different oak species as its hosts.

large thorax

<ANDRICUS SPECIES are widespread in Europe. Many are very similar to each other in appearance.

shiny, smooth abdomen



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