Ghalgid wasps

Most chalcid wasps arc dark brown, black, red, or yellow. The body may have sculpturing or pits and occasionally has a metallic sheen. The first hindleg segment is large, and the hind femora are greatly enlarged and toothed underneath. Females have a short, inconspicuous ovipositor.

• life Cycle Eggs are laid inside the larvae and pupae of other insects. Some species arc hyperparasitoids.

• Occurrence Worldwide, in various habitats, wherever suitable hosts are found.

punctured body surface reddish and enlarged hind femora punctured body surface reddish and enlarged hind femora

Larvae are white and grublike and have small heads.

CHALCIS SISPES is native to parts of Europe and Asia. Its larvae parasitize the larvae of soldier flies (see p. 152).

Length i/16_y8jn (0.2-1.5cm), most under Vitin (0.8cm) Larval feedinS habits



No. of species j 250

_ shitty, punctured surface large thorax

<ANDRICUS SPECIES are widespread in Europe. Many are very similar to each other in appearance.

shiny, smooth abdomen

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