Ghost moths

Also called swift moths due to their fast flight, most species have similarly shaped fore- and hind wings. Many have drab general coloration, while some have patterns of bright silver spots. The wings are not joined in flight, as in other moths, but simply overlap.

• LIFT CYCLIC Females drop eggs singly on the ground by host plants, and can produce several hundred eggs. The caterpillars mainly bore into plant stems, trunks, and roots, but a few car leaves or moss.

• OCCl RRFNCK Worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia and Australia. In open woodland and grassland.

• KFMARk Many species cat a range of plant matter and can become pests of grasses, vegetables, shrubs, and trees.

Mali white wings white wings wings overlap flight wings overlap flight

HFPIAU'S HUM I it J caterpillars are yellow-white with small, dark spots. They can become harmful pests of potato, lettuce, and strawberry crops.

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( :at'erpillars of this family arc white with a brown head.

Female fore- and hindwings similarly shaped

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