Hakvester termites

These termites have eyes, and their mandibles have large, distinct teeth on the inner surfaces. They are cream or light to dark brown in color. The pronotum is saddle-shaped, extending down at the sides.

• LIKE Cycle Eggs are laid in the colony's nest, which may be up to 20ft (6m) under the ground. Workers forage above ground for grass or small bits of wood to feed the young. •()<:< :i RREN< !E \frica and \sia. In regions of dry savanna. In soil.

• REMARK These termites can be pests of open pasture. They may eat the food of larger herbivores - both wild animals and domestic cattle - and encourage soil erosion.

llODOTERMIS SPKCIKS are widespread in African savannas and always make underground nests. During the day, they can be seen running along the ground, collecting grass and pieces of twigs.

Length (0.4-lcm) - soldiers and workers only

Feeding habits

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No. of species

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Oplan Termites

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