OMMONLY known as harvestmen,

_ the order Opiliones contains 40

families and 5,000 species. They lack a slender waist between their cephalothorax and their abdomen. They have a pair of eyes at the front of the cephalothorax, often carried on a raised structure. The pincerlike chelicerae have three segments, and the pedipalps have six. Their legs can be short or long.

The four pairs of walking legs have seven segments and usually one or two simple claws. Special glands in the cephalothorax produce smelly secretions, which are used as a defence.

1 Iarvcstmcn are unusual among arachnids in that fertilization is direct -males have a penis for transferring sperm. Females may have an ovipositor with which they lay eggs in cracks in the soil.

claw at tip small bumps on ojpedipalp first segment of fourth leg enlarged

No. of species 450

long, slender small pedipalps held close to chelicerae red-brown coloration

VONOM S SAYI is found in Panama. It uses its front legs to smear toxic secretions onto attackers.

0rder opilionks


No. of species 450

Feeding habits


Family (JonyLKPTIDAK

No. of species 750

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