Hawk moths

I hese moths have an elongate, robust body and long, relatively narrow forewings. The long or very long proboscis is curled under the head when not in use. At rest, the wings are held back at a distinctive angle. Adults are strong fliers and most suck flower nectar. Some hover above flowers like hummingbirds.

• IJFE (:YCLE Single eggs are laid on plants, and the caterpillars cat their foliage.

• OCCl JRRKNCF Worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. In a wide variety of habitats, wherever suitable host plants arc found.

long, •— robust, green body orange, red, black, and white hindwing patches

A elichloron meg aura, the Verdant Sphinx, lives in Africa. Its caterpillars eat vines and creepers.

yellow and black markings on hindwings catkrpillars of most species have a process at the end of the abdomen.

banded abdomen characteristic "death s head" skull mark on thorax

A CHERONTIA A TROPOS, the Death's Head Hawk Moth, is found in Africa and Europe. It feeds on honey from beehives with its stout proboscis.

0rder Lepidoptera


No. of species

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