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_____ of silverfish that make up the order Thysanura are primitive, wingless insects with elongate, flat bodies that may have scales on the surface. They have simple mouthparts and may have small, widely separated compound eyes or no eyes at all. Most species have no ocelli. The three abdominal tails are of equal length and, as in bristletails (see opposite page), the abdominal segments have projections called styles. Silverfish vary in appearance more than bristletails and occupy a wider range of habitats.

Males deposit sperm on silken threads, placed on the ground for females to pick up with their genitalia. Kggs are laid in cracks and crevices. Like bristletails, silverfish nymphs are ametabolous and develop without obvious metamorphosis.

to middle abdominal tail flat body

gray, black, and -brown overlapping scales

0rder Thysanura

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