Ijraniii moths

I his family includes both large, long-tailed, colorful, day-Hying moths with iridescent wing scales, and nocturnal species with dull coloration and without tails.

• Life Cycle Kggs arc laid on host plants. The caterpillars of many species cat poisonous plants in the family Kuphorbiaceae. Adults often migrate in search of better food for their larvae.

• Occurrence Tropical and subtropical regions. On host plants.

• KKMARk South American and Madagascan species arc so large and colorful that they are often mistaken for butterflies.

Caterpillars of some species live together in a silk web when young.

chhysihidia hirm:ahia, the Madagascar! Sunset Moth, has ycllow-and-black caterpillars that arc distasteful to predators.

distinctive spotting • and three tails on hindwings

0rder Lepidoptera

Family zycjaenidae

No. of species ^00

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