Mainly Found Around Freshwater

may i4'li lis (Fphemeroptera)

• forewings large, triangular, and held upright

• abdomen with 2 or 3 filaments (tails) See p.48

CADDISH II S (Trichoptera)

• slender, mothlike body, covered with hairs

• long, threadlike antennae

See p. 156

stonffi iks (Fleeoptera)

• wings folded along body

• conspicuous cerci

• rectangular body

See p.56

damsi i.hl ii s & dragonflifs (()donata)

• long, cylindrical abdomen

• thoracic segments slope backward See p.51

aldfrflifs & dobsonflifs (Megaloptera)

• wings held together rooflike over body at rest

• long wings of similar size

See p. 103

Ki:y 4: Winged Insects continued

Other Winged Insects termites (Isoptera)

• wings with longitudinal veins and weak cross-veins

• only reproductives have wings, and these are shed after short nuptial flight

• very small cerci

• found in colonies

See p.78

snakeelies (Raphidioptera)

• wings held together rooflike over body at rest

• elongated cephalothorax See p. 104

la( :kyvincs & allies (Neuroptera)

• wings held together rooflike over body at rest

• netlike wing venation, with many cross-veins

See p. 105

narklice & booklice (Psocoptera)

• humped back when seen from front

• large head and bulbous forehead

• bulging or reduced eyes See p.81


• tough, leathery forewings

• hind legs often large

• pro not urn extended down at sides

• often produce sounds with wings or legs

See p.60

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