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shiny wings dull colorim

Crawlino mayflies

These medium-sized mayflies have rhree abdominal tails and drab or dark coloration

• I AI M CYCLE Many females release all their eggs in one clump, which separates out on the water's surface. The majority of nymphs feed on decaying organic matter.

• ()(:<:i RRENCE Worldwide, but rare in Southern I Iemisphere. In rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes, among ^ / debris, weeds, and silt.

• REMARK (1 raw ling mayflies are used as An j models for the artificial W NYMPHS

"flies" used in trout /TV often have fly-fishing. / I \ flat bodies shiny wings dull colorim three •

abdominal tails

Evil EM ERE LI A SPECILS are common in and around fast-flowing rivers and streams. A newly emerged adult specimen is shown here.

Length '/4_y8in (0.6-1.4cm)

Nymphal feeding habits ^ 0



No. of species j jq

thorax contains large flight muscles

Nymphs have large, tooth like mandibles that help them burrow.

Common iu knowing mayflies

The wings of these large mayflies are clear or large, richly brownish in color, although they are dark-spotted veined, in a few species. There are two or three long tails triangular at the end of the abdomen.

• I A\ \i CYCLE f emales drop eggs into water. The nymphs dig and burrow into the silt at the bottom, aided by a process on the head and toothlike mandibles. 'They eat mostly fine particles of organic material extracted from the silty bottom.

• ()CCl RRENCE Worldwide, except in Australia. In streams, rivers, and lakes. small rounded

• REMARK Some of the artificial "flies" used in trout fly-fishing are modeled on these mayflies.

thorax contains large flight muscles

Ephemera dank: a is a large, w idcspread K u ropea 11 species. It breeds in rivers and lakes with silty or sandy bottoms. I lere, a female waits on a marginal plant before joining a mating swarm.

Nymphs have large, tooth like mandibles that help them burrow.

large eyes typical smalt hiny black


Family kptagkniidai:

No. of species

Nymphal feeding habits

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