Leaf beetles

I hese beetles range from cylindrical and elongate to round-backed. Many species arc brightly colored or metallic. The antennae are less than half the length of the body, which is typically smooth and hairless.

• IJEE CYCLE Groups of eggs are laid on host plants or in soil. The larvae usually feed externally on stems, foliage, and roots. Pupation normally occurs in the soil.

• OCCl JRRENCE Worldwide. Widespread on plants in all terrestrial habitats.

• REMARK Many species are pests: the brightly striped (Colorado Beetle (/.eptinotarsa decernlineata, see below) cats potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant.

antennae less than half length of body vnooth, hairless body

> ElMOI.Pl .s s plc i ps are found in tropical parts of South America and are typical of this family in appearance.

Larvae arc-long and slightly curved, with well-developed legs.

dubbed antennae long hairs purple metallic sheen elongate body with parallel sides heart-shaped second, third\ and fourth tarsal segments

- bright, checkered wasplike coloring



Larval feeding habits


Family CqccinELLIDAE

No. of species ^ qqq

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