Leaf-hoppers are generally slender, with broad or triangular heads. Many species are brown or green, although some can be brightly striped or spotted. These bugs jump very well and arc characterized by distinctive hind tibiae, which have an angular cross section and one or more rows of small spines running along their length.

• I III ( < I I 1 ,eaf hoppers communicate with mates by making sounds with special abdominal organs. The sounds travel through foliage by making the leaves vibrate. Rows or clusters of eggs are laid under the epidermis of host plants.

• Occurrence Worldwide.

Almost anywhere with vegetation.

• KEMARK Leaf-hoppers are pests of vital crops such as rice and corn.

A (¡raphocephaia coccinea is found on blackberry and ornamental plants in North America and on rhododendron species in Europe.

bright stripes slender body small spines along length of angular tibiae

/jdra avrita is a large, flat-bodied leaf-hopper. It has mottled coloring and blends in well against lichen-covered bark.

wide head with short antennae

longitudinal veins do not reach margin of wings pycna rl panda, which comes from India, is commonly found resting and feeding among a variety of tree species.

as a resonator, amplifying songs smaller hindwings shiny, membranous wings

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