Liposcelid booklic

lhese insects have flat bodies and distinctively swollen femora on their hindlegs. Most liposcelid booklice have no wings, although winged forms do occur. The head has a pair of short antennae and small eyes.

• LlEE CYCLE The female lice lay their eggs in places such as Icaflitter, crevices in tree hark, and birds' nests. Their nymphs look much like small adults although they have shorter antennae.

• OCCl JRRENCE Worldwide. In dry leaf litter, under bark, and in nests. Some are found inside buildings and food stores.

• REMARK Some species can be pests. Several species in the genus I .iposcelis will thrive in damp conditions and can attack stored flour, cereals, books, and papers. They have also been known to do considerable damage to museum collections of plants and insects.

slender, multi-segmented small

/jf'osch:lis terricolis is a very widely distributed species of booklice. It is found in leaf litter and in a variety of stored, dry produce, where it can become a pest.

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