Livebearing cockroaches

1 hese large insects often have well-developed, pale brown wings with dark markings. In many species of large live-bearing cockroach, however, the females are wingless and burrow under wood and stones.

• life cycle In some species, courtship rituals involve the production of sounds. Males of Nauphoeta cinerea, for example, make sounds by rubbing a ridged part of the forewing against the hind corners of the pronotum. Most species reproduce by producing eggs that develop inside an egg case. The egg case is fully extended from the end of the female's abdomen, rotated by 90 degrees, and then drawn back into the body to be brooded.

• Occurrence Tropical regions. In a range of habitats including rainforests and caves.

• Remark Some species are reared as laboratory animals.

(iROMrUAlH)RUlNA PORTENTOSA males use their large thoracic humps to fight each other. Also known as the Madagascan Missing Cockroach, it startles predators by squeezing air out of its spiracles to create a loud hiss.

rrcnosceeis surinameivsis is a widespread tropical pest. It lives underground and is often found in caves, in bat droppings.

tough prothorax short, thick legs this species is wingless thoracic humps used in male-to male combat



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