Also known as purse case-makers, these caddisflies have black, white, or gray speckled coloration. They are densely covered with hair.

• LIFE Cycle Eggs are laid in jelly-like masses, cither on water or on water plants. The first four larval stages are active and suck the juices of water plants. The last larval stage makes an open-ended purse or barrel-shaped case out of silk from its salivary glands.

• occi JRRENCE Worldwide. Near streams, rivers, ponds, ai long, multi-segmented antennae drab coloration tuft of It a its • on head tuft of It a its • on head

i. \i<\ ae are small and free-living in the early stages.

1 long fringes of hair on wing ma/gins

//YDROE'EI/A SPECIES are found all over the world - this is the largest, most widespread genus in the family, containing 150 species.




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