Netspinning caddisflies

These caddisflies arc drably colored with either hairy or clear wings. There are wartlike projections on the pronotum.

• I >111. CYCLE Eggs are laid in water. The stout larvae live near a cup-shaped net that they spin between stones or other objects. The net catches small organisms, algae, and debris, which the larvae cat. Some larvae are predacious.

• Occi JRRENC I Worldwide. Common along streams and rivers.

• REMARK Different species make nets with varying mesh sizes to suit their preferred food.

drab, mottled coloring drab, mottled coloring

Larvae have well-branched gills on the thorax and abdomen.

fiYDROESYCHE CONTIIRERNALIS is native to various parts of western Europe. It is found in running rather than still water. This species has the drab coloration typical of caddisflies.

Length (0.6-1.8cm)

Larval feeding habits ^ ^



No. of species j qqq

long, multi-segmented antennae

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