11KRK ARK 5 families and 500

_ species in the order Pauropoda.

These small, soft-bodied myriapods are typically pale in color and have no eyes. The head carries a pair of branched antennae and weakly developed mouthparts. Located behind the head is a trunk, usually made up of between 9 and 11 segments. I lairs protrude from the upper surface of the head and trunk. The dorsal surfaces of the trunk segments (termites) are fused together in pairs. Adult pauropods normally have 9 to 1 1 pairs of legs.

Pauropods live in soil or leaf litter, where they are scavengers and eat fungal threads. A few species may be predacious. Reproduction begins with the male depositing a spermatophore is picked up by the female.

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No. of species 450

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