These whip-spiders are generally colored various shades of brown, with darker markings. The tibia of the fourth pair of legs is divided into three or four segments. In some species, the pedipalps of the males are proportionately longer than those of the females.

• LIKE CYCLE As with all members of this order, males deposit a spermatophore on the ground, from where it is taken up by the females genitalia. Females carry their eggs and then the hatched young inside a brood sac. The young later climb onto their mother's back and arc carried around until they are able to look after themselves.

• OCCt IRRENCE Tropical and subtropical areas. In moist places: under bark and in leaf litter in wooded areas; among stones and rocks; and in caves. chelicerae dark patche. on abdomen pale ma/gin 0 céphalothorax fairly short. stout pedipa, long spine, on pedipa, sharply pointed tarsus

PURYNUS ASPRRATIPKS is found in southwestern parts of the l 'S. It has small pincers at the end of its pedipalps.

long first pair of legs carries sensory organs


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