Primitive weevils

These parallel-sided, elongate beetles are typically black, brown, or yellow. The long, narrow head has a distinctive rostrum, bearing thread- or beadlike antennae with 11 segments.

• IJ1 Iv CYCLE I sing her rostrum, the female beetle bores a hole into wood, where she deposits her eggs. The larvae tunnel into the sapwood of dead or decaying trees and may feed on fungi. The adults feed 011 fungi and sap.

• OCCl IRRENCE Tropical regions. In forests.

liRINIIU IS spec iks arc usually hairless. I .ike all members of this family, they are closely related to weevils (see p.l 17).

mandibles elongate rostrum <

antennae anse « partway down head

N elongate body, with parallel sides i „arvak arc elongate and have short, one-segmented legs.



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