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__divided into 23 families and 3,300

species. Also called false scorpions, they are similar in general shape to true scorpions, but are very small and lack the abdominal tail and stinger of their larger relatives. The céphalothorax has a dorsal carapace, and the abdomen has 11 or 12 segments. Large, pincerlike pedipalps, which may be toothed, are used to catch prey and for defense, and the swollen parts of the pincers contain poison glands.

Males deposit sperm packets on the ground that are picked up by the females' genitalia. Kggs are laid into a pouch under the female's body. Pseudoscorpions make silk nests in which they molt, brood young, and hibernate. Most prefer moist or humid habitats - among leaf litter or under stones, for example.

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No. of species

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