Rodent fleas

These species of fleas have a comb of stout, dark bristles at the rear edge of the pronotum. Most arc ectoparasites of small rodents such as mice and wood rats.

• LIFE CYCLE Sticky eggs are laid in the host's burrow, lair, or nest. There are three larval stages, and pupation takes place within a silken cocoon.

• OCCl jrrknck Worldwide, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. In hosts' nests.

• remark Pest species larvae are slender, include Ceratophyllusgallinae, pa|e, relatively hairless, the European Chicken F lea. and without legs.

long hindlegs

lipltedia species are found only in North America. 'Their favored hosts are rats, mice, and shrews.

Length (l-4mm)

Larval feeding habits yjt


Family plJLiClDAE

No. of species 700

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