Rust flies

I hese slender Hies are reddish brown to black, with a slightly triangular or rounded head. The common name refers to the rust-red, flaking appearance of plant roots that have been affected by the larvae.

• life Cycle Eggs are laid on host plants or in soil near the roots. The larvae of most rust flies bore through plant stems or roots and under bark; some form galls.

• Occurrence strong longitudinal veins

Mainly in the Northern I lemispherc. In woodland and damp areas.


Larvae are pale, smooth, slender, and cylindrical.

slightly triangular head slightly triangular head

dark thorax

strong longitudinal veins

PSIIA ROSAE, better known as the Carrot Root Fly, is a widespread pest of carrot, celery, and parsnip plants.



No. of species 2 500

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