Silk moths

I hcsc stout, hairy moths arc pale cream, gray, or brown. They have no working mouthparts and do not feed.

• LIFE CYCLE Eggs arc laid on host plants. Pupation occurs in a silk cocoon. Bomlryx mori caterpillars cat mulberry leaves; other species cat a variety of plants.

• OCCl JRRENCE Southeast Asia. In well-vegetated areas wherever their host plants proliferate.

hairy, stout /tody

caterpillars arc smooth, with prolegs on some abdominal segments.

BOMBYX MORI, the Commercial Silk Moth, originated in Asia. It is now found in silk farms worldwide.

conspicuous wing veins

Larval feeding habits

0rder Leimdoptera

Family rrahmaeidae

brahmaea waluchii, the Owl Moth, is an Eastern species and one of the largest in this family, ^k

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