I hese dark-colored insects have a distinctive neck consisting of an elongated pronotum on which the head can be raised. The head is typically broad across the eyes and tapering toward the rear. Female snakeflies arc-slightly larger than the males.

• life Cycle Females use a long, slender ovipositor to lay eggs in slits in bark. The elongate larvae can be found under loose bark, in decaying tree stumps, and among leaf litter. Like their parents, the larvae feed mostly on beetle larvae and other soft-bodied insects.

• OCCURRENCE Primarily in the Northern I lemisphere. In woods among vegetation.

slightly flat ovipositor small pterostigma on triangular head

LARVAE are flat, with a square head, small eyes, short, curved mandibles, and strong legs.

characteristic neck with elongated long ladljua SPECIES are found in North America and Canada, from the Rocky Mountains west through the Cireat Basin to the Pacific coast.

xanthost1gma xanthost1gma has a long pronotum and a distinct, broad head that tapers to the rear. The four wings are of almost equal size.

netlike pattern of veins dark-colored body animons, i yackwincis, and ti i kir rklativks • ios

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