Spongefi jes

Also known as spongillaflies, these small insects have slender antennae and lacy wings. Adults do not fly very far from water and are active at twilight and after dark.

• life cycle Kggs are laid singly or in small groups on overhangs, and hatched larvae drop into the water. The larvae have very Ml/ elongate, slender jaws for sucking > Fw out the body contents of sponges. raSr [ arvaf have

• Occurrence Worldwide. rjHSgs tlucc pairsof

Near a source of freshwater, idBjip |Cgs and wherever sponges occur. /WF abdominal gills.

Si SYR A FUSC ATA is widespread across Europe. The adults catch and feed on aphids and are often attracted to lights after dark.

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