Stick and Leaf Insects

^ IIKRK ARK 3 FAMILIES and 2,500

_ species of stick and leaf insects in the order Phasmatodea. The largest of the three families is the Phasmatidae.

These long, slow-moving, herbivorous insects are mostly nocturnal. By day, they protect themselves from predators with their highly convincing stick- or leaflike appearance. If disturbed, many stick insects remain motionless, holding their legs tightly along their body. Males tend to be smaller than females. The males of many species are winged; females are often wingless. Most females drop, scatter, or flick their eggs from the end of the abdomen. A few lay eggs in soil or glue them to plants. Some eggs are very seedlike and attract ants, who take them to their nests, where they are protected. Metamorphosis is incomplete.


Family p h ASM All DAK

No. of species ^ 450

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