Sweat bees

I )cspitc the name, only a few species in this family arc attracted to sweat. Most arc brown or black, but some have a metallic-blue or green sheen. The body may be pitted or dimpled with only a sparse covering of hairs. Many species arc solitary, while others arc social to various degrees.

• LIFE Cycle Eggs arc laid inside nests made in soil or in rotten wood. The cells in which eggs arc brooded are waterproofed with a secretion that sticks to the surrounding soil and prevents fungal growth.

• OCClJRRENCE Worldwide.

Widespread, especially in flower-rich hrofn

, . . . . body with areas and woodland margins. ye//ow bands very hairy legs single groove under socket of each antenna larvae may have bumps on the upper surface, as well as tiny spines.

HALICTVS QUADR1C1NCTUS is found across southern Europe and the Mediterranean. It is one of the largest European species in its genus.

Length (4-15mm), most under %in (10mm)

Larval feeding habits ^



No. of species ^ qqq

wide-set, toothed mandibles large, square head stout body thorax and part of abdomen covered with dense orange hair

Larvae are stout, and are often fatter toward the rear end of the body.

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