HE ORDER AMBLYPYGI is divided into 3 families and 130 species. Also called tailless whip-scorpions, these arachnids have squat bodies, which are flat in profile, and a broad cephalothorax.

The first segment of the rounded abdomen is stalklike. Whip-spiders have eight eyes: a middle pair and three lateral pairs. The large pedipalps may be long and slender or short and stout. Spiny, sharp-tipped, and six-segmented, they seize and hold prey, while the two-segmented, fanglike chelicerae tear pieces off. The much-segmented, very long first pair of legs are used as feelers.

Whip-spiders are nocturnal, do not sting or bite, and prey on insects and other arthropods. Kggs hatch out inside a sac under the female's abdomen, and the young then climb on to her back.

sharply pointed tarsus

PURYNUS ASPRRATIPKS is found in southwestern parts of the l 'S. It has small pincers at the end of its pedipalps.

long first pair of legs carries sensory organs

Feeding habits dark patche. on abdomen pale ma/gin 0 céphalothorax fairly short. stout pedipa, long spine, on pedipa,



No. of species 52

Feeding habits sharply spiny segments of pedipalps fold in to hold prey

PlIRYNUS SPKCIKS arc medium or large whip-spiders, found in warm parts of North and South America and especially in Central Amcrica and the Caribbean islands. Several species arc cave-dwellers.

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