I he pronotum of all castes is rounded at the back and may, in some species, appear almost heart-shaped. Soldiers have no eyes. Coloration is cream or light to dark brown.

• I IFE ( a\ (:LE Eggs are laid in 1 he-colonies, which are found either in soil or in damp wood that touches the ground.

• OCCURRENCE Worldwide, in warm regions. In various habitats, in soil and wood.

• REMARK Some species are timber pests. One North American species is such a serious pest that there are special building regulations to help prevent the damage it can cause.

small thoracic segments

rounded or bluntly heart-shaped pronotum head like antenna! • segments v w vtf ., • • .

NET/CC/JTEHMES I Iu:n IKWS makes its nest under the ground, inside damp wood. These pale, soft-bodied termites, with distinctive antennae, are found throughout southern Europe.

Order iSOpTKRA


No. of species j 950

antennae snout large. dark, ')ittided head small ronotum pale body broad head

fracture point at wing base w i ngs of adult reproductives are shed once they have Jlown to new breeding sites antennae snout

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