Tiphiid wasps

I iphiids arc shiny and vary from quite slender to stout. Some species have wingless females that look like ants.

• LIFE CYCLI2 During mating, the female may he carried aloft by the male. She then hunts out hosts for her larvae - usually larvae of scarab, longhorn, or tiger beetles. After paralyzing a host with her sting, she lays an egg on its body.

• OCCl JRRFNCF Worldwide. In a range of habitats

LARVAK are long and white, with bumps on the upper abdominal surface.

strong legs for • digging strong legs for • digging

shiny body surf tee

THYNNUS VENTRAUS comes from Australia. Its females are wingless, and its larvae parasitize scarab-beetle larvae (see p. 128).

Length xh-l!4in (0.5-2.8cm)

Larval feeding habits ^ ^



No. of species 4000

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