Tortricid mot is

I hesc small moths arc mostly brown, green, or gray, blending in with bark, lichen, and leaves. Some species arc brightly colored. The forewings arc broadly rectangular.

• I JFK CYCLIC Eggs arc laid on host plants, including certain grasses, on which the caterpillars feed and pupate.

• OCCURRENCE Worldwide. In a wide range of habitats.

• REMARK Mexican "jumping beans" are the seeds of certain plants Catprpii i ars containing the wriggling may be slender larvae of a particular ^iSSSSSSSS^ or stout, and arc tortricid species. r,T relatively hairless.

o pale h indw ings formings have with long fringe camouflage coloring

Cl.EPSIS RURINANA is found in Europe and Asia. Its caterpillars may be found inside the rolled-lip leaves of deciduous trees.

0rder Lkpidoptkra


No. of species j jqq drably mottled formings

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