Tricikxjrammatii wasps

Because they arc so small, these wasps are often overlooked. Most species are pale and fairly stout bodied. The vcinlcss wings have small hairs forming distinctive lines across the surface and a fringe around the edge.

• ijee Cycle Eggs are laid inside the eggs of many other insects. Larval development and pupation can take as little as three days.

• OCCURRENCE Worldwide. In a wide range of habitats, anywhere that insect eggs can be found - usually exposed, on foliage.

i / arvae arc pale, featureless, minute grubs, found inside host eggs.

eggs being parasitized broad • head •

black, shiny thorax

rrichooramma si mbudis, like other related species, has been used to control many butterfly and moth pests worldwide. Here, the eggs being parasitized are those of the aldcrfly (Sia lis lutaria).

arge pagana is also known as the Rose Sawfly, as these plants are its favored hosts. It is common across Europe and Asia, as far as Japan.

larvae look very similar to caterpillars.

black thorax yellow abdomen

No. of species gQQ

three-segmented, tubbed antennae shiny, dark, or slightly metallic body

spine on inside o f hind tibiae (and on middle legs)



No. of species gQQ

three-segmented, tubbed antennae

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