1 hese flat, brown, mainly nocturnal arachnids use their strong pedipalps to dig tunnels. They have four pairs of legs. The rear three pairs arc for walking. The front pair arc thinner and longer than the others and have a mainly sensory function. The cephalothorax has no divisions. It carries a pair of central eyes at the front, and four to five pairs of eyes at the side.

• Lll K CYCLK Courtship dances end with the male guiding his mate over a spermatophore that he has placed on the ground, which he pushes inside the female's genital opening. The hatched young arc carried on the bodies of the females for several weeks, until they can leave and fend for themselves.

• OCClIRRKNCK India, Malaysia, and Papua New (iuinca; northeastern parts of South America; and tropical and subtropical regions of North America. In soil, leaf litter, and rotten wood, under stones, and in caves. Some arc found in deserts.

• R KM ARK These arachnids do not sting but can give a pinch with their powerful pedipalps. /--• whiplike tad section extending from abdomen

Jrontat eyes

Til II. YI'H ON I IS spkciks are found in Thailand. The powerful pedipalps characteristic of all whip-scorpions are clearly visible in this specimen.

very strong pedipalps with stout spines dark brown coloration

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