Beaver Parasites And Other Beetles 157

Superfamily Staphylinoidea

FW often short, exposing some abdominal segments. Usually small. Most families, except Staphylinidae and Silphidae, are infrequently encountered.

BEAVER PARASITES Family Platypsyllidae Not illus.

Identification: Body elongate-oval, flattened. FW short, exposing 4 abdominal segments. Eyes and HW absent. Tarsi 5-5-5. Antennae 11-segmented, not clubbed. About 2.5 mm.

The single species in this family, Platypsyllus castoris Ritsema, is an ectoparasite of the American beaver; adults and larvae spend nearly all their life in fur of the host.


Family Limulodidae

Identification: Body finely pubescent and shaped like a horseshoe crab. Antennae clubbed. FW short, exposing 4 abdominal segments. Eyes reduced or absent. 1.7-3.2 mm.

Our 4 species of limulodids are found associated with ants; they feed on body exudates of the ants.

GRASS-ROOT BEETLES Family Brathinidae Not illus.

Identification: Shape distinctive: elongate-slender, long-legged, antlike; head as wide as pronotum, narrower posteriorly, necklike. Antennae long, threadlike. Dorsal surface smooth, shiny. Coxae large, contiguous. 3.5-6.0 mm.

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