Checkered Beetles Family Cleridaep 165

Often marked with red, orange, yellow, or blue; pronotum narrower than FW; body and legs with erect pubescence; tarsi 5-5-5.

Fmoclerus ichneumoneus (Fabricius); e. U.S. DERMESTID BEETLES, Family Dermestidae p. 164

Elongate to broadly oval, often with scales or hair forming patterns; antennae short and clubbed; tarsi 5-5-5. CARPET BEETLE, Anthrenus scrophulariae (Linn.); N. Amer. SOFT-WINGED FLOWER BEETLES, Family Malachiidae p. 164 Body soft and wedge-shaped, FW broad toward rear; antennae serrate; black, blue, or green, often with orange, red, or yellow; tarsi 5-5-5; abdomen with 6 or fewer segments. Collops vittatus (Say); w. U.S. LIGHTNINGBUGS or FIREFLIES, Family Lampyridae p. 162

Elongate, parallel-sided, rounded at ends; soft-bodied; head concealed by pronotum; abdomen often luminescent. Photuris pennsylvanica (De Geer); e. U.S. GROUND BEETLES, Family Carabidae p. 152

Generally black and shiny, sometimes brightly colored; legs long and slender; head and eyes nearly always narrower than pronotum; tarsi 5-5-5; antennae threadlike. Calosoma scrutator (Fabricius); e. U.S. SOLDIER BEETLES, Family Cantharidae p. 162

Similar to lightningbugs (above), but head not concealed and no abdominal segments luminescent; black or brown, often with red, yellow, or orange, some mostly yellowish. Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus De Geer; e. U.S. NET-WINGED BEETLES, Family Lycidae p. 163

FW with a network of ridges; body usually broadest toward rear; head concealed; black, some with red or yellow. Calopteron terminate (Say); U.S. METALLIC WOOD-BORING BEETLES, p. 169

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