Editor's Note v

Preface vii

Introductory Chapters

How to Use This Book 1

Collecting and Preserving Insects 4

Work with Living Insects 23

The Structure of Insects 29

The Growth and Development of Insects 38

Classifying and Naming Insects 43

Systematic Chapters

Arthropods: Phylum Arthropoda (Insects and Their

Relatives) 48

Insects: Class Insecta 56

Proturans: Ordei Protura 60

Bristletails: Order Thysanura 60

Springtails: Order Collembola 62

Mayflies: Order Ephemeroptera 65

Dragonflies and Damselflies: Order Odonata 68 Grasshoppers, Katydids, Crickets, Mantids,

Walkingsticks, and Cockroaches: Order Orthoptera 76

Termites: Order Isoptera 88

Stoneflies: Order Plecoptera 92

Earwigs: Order Dermaptera 98

Webspinners: Order Embioptera 100

Zorapterans: Order Zoraptera 101

Booklice and Barklice: Order Psocoptera 102

Chewing Lice: Order Mallophaga 106

Sucking Lice: Order Anoplura 108

Thrips: Order Thysatioptera 110

Bugs: Order Hemiptera 112 Cicadas, Hoppers, Whiteflies, Aphids, and Scale Insects:

Order Homoptera 128 Fishflies, Snakeflies, Lacewings, and Antlions:

Order Neuroptera 140

Beetles: Order Coleoptera 146

Twisted-winged Parasites: Order Strepsiptera 206 ix

Scorpionflies and Their Allies: Order Mecoptera 208

Caddisflies: Order Trichoptera 210

Butterflies and Moths: Order Lepidoptera 218

Flies: Order Diptera 260

Fleas: Order Siphonaptera 308 Sawflies, Ichneumons, Chalcids, Ants, Wasps, and Bees:

Order Hymenoptera 312

Glossary 363

References 373

Index 377

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