Families Campodeidae, Anajapygidae, and Japygidae

Identification: Campodeidae: cerci and antennae about equal length; 4-6 mm. Anajapygidae: similar, but cerci shorter than antennae and fewer-segmented; less than 4 mm. Japygidae: cerci 1-segmented and forcepslike.

The most commonly encountered diplurans are the campo-deids. The other 2 families are small and rare (anajapygids are represented by only 1 species, occurring in California).

Springtails: Order Collembola

Identification: Minute wingless insects, most less than 6 mm. Body elongate or oval. Abdomen with 6 or fewer segments and without cerci. Usually a forked structure (Jurcula) on 4th or 5th

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