Dobsonflies Fishflies and Alderflies Suborder Megaloptera

HW a little wider at base than FW. Anal area of HW folded fan-wise at rest. Larvae aquatic.

DOBSONFLIES and FISHFLIES Family Corydalidae

Identification: Large soft-bodied insects with a rather fluttery


flight; generally found near streams. Length usually 1 in. or more. Ocelli present. 4th tarsal segment cylindrical.

Larvae occur in streams, generally under stones. Dobsonflies (Corydalus in the East and Southwest, Dysmicohermes in the West) are large insects with front wings over 2 in. long; males have mandibles about 3 times as long as head. Dobsonfly larvae, or hellgrammites (see illus.), are often used as fish bait. Fishflies are smaller (FW less than 2 in.), and many have serrate or pectinate antennae; some have clear wings, others extensive black or gray areas in the wings. Corydalid larvae have a pair of hooked anal prolegs and 8 pairs of lateral filaments, and lack a terminal filament.

ALDERFLIES Family Sialidae Identification: Similar to Corydalidae but smaller (usually less than 1 in.), without ocelli, and with 4th tarsal segment dilated and deeply bilobed.

Dobsonfly Corydalidae Hellgrammite

Wings of Alderfly

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