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A Field Guide to the Insects

Advanced Birding—Kaufman

Birds of Britain and Europe—Peterson, Mountfort, Hollom

Birds of Eastern and Central North America—R.T. Peterson

Birds of Texas and Adjacent States—R.T. Peterson

Birds of the West Indies—Bond

Eastern Birds' Nests—Harrison

Hawks—Clark and Wheeler


Mexican Birds—R.T. Peterson and Chalif

Warblers—Dunn and Garrett

Western Birds—R.T. Peterson

Western Birds' Nests—Harrison

Backyard Bird Song—Walton and Lawson

Eastern Bird Songs —Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Eastern Birding by Ear—Walton and Lawson

More Birding by Ear: Eastern and Central—Walton and Lawson

Western Bird Songs—Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Western Birding by Ear—Walton and Lawson

Pacific Coast Fishes—Eschmeyer, Herald, and Hammann

Atlantic Coast Fishes—Robins, Ray, and Douglass

Freshwater Fishes (N. America north of Mexico)—Page and Burr

Insects (America north of Mexico)—Borror and White


Eastern Butterflies—Opler and Malikul Western Butterflies—Opler and Wright Mammals—Burt and Grossenheider Animal Tracks—Murie Eastern Forests—Kricher and Morrison

California and Pacific Northwest Forests—Kricher and Morrison

Rocky Mountain and Southwest Forests—Kricher and Morrison

Venomous Animals and Poisonous Plants—Foster and Caras

Edible Wild Plants (e. and cen. N. America)—L. Peterson

Eastern Medicinal Plants and Herbs—Foster and Duke

Eastern Trees—Petrides

Mushrooms—McKnight and McKnight

Pacific States Wildflowers—Niehaus and Ripper

Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs—Foster and Hobbs

Rocky Mt. Wildflowers—Craighead, Craighead, and Davis

Trees and Shrubs—Petrides

Western Trees—Petrides

Wildflowers (ne. and n.-cen. N. America)—R.T. Peterson and McKenney

Southwest and Texas Wildflowers—Niehaus, Ripper, and Savage

Rocks and Minerals—Pough

Stars and Planets—Pasachoff

Atmosphere—Schaefer and Day

Eastern Reptiles and Amphibians—Conant and Collins

Western Reptiles and Amphibians—Stebbins

Shells of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, W. Indies—Morris

Pacific Coast Shells (including Hawaii)—Morris

Atlantic Seashore—Gosner

Coral Reefs (Caribbean and Florida)—Kaplan

Southeastern and Caribbean Seashores—Kaplan

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