ZANOLID MOTHS Family Zanolidae Identification: Similar to Notodontidae, but Sc + Ri and Rs in HW diverge about middle of discal cell. Proboscis lacking. FW with 1 or 2 small clear spots near tip. Tarsal claws without a blunt tooth near base.

This group is represented in the U.S. by 3 species of Apatelodes, which have a wingspread of 13^-2 in., and are gray with windowlike spots near tip of the front wings. One species has the distal margin of the wings somewhat toothed. Larvae feed on various trees and shrubs.

Macro-Moths, Group 3

Cu in FW appears 4-branched (except in a few Arctiidae). Frenulum well developed except in Lasiocampidae and Drepanidae.

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