4. Ocelli absent; no wing hairs clubbed; terminal segment of maxillary palps not much longer than other segments, and without cross striations; middle tibiae with preapical spurs, and with or without a row of black spines: Molannidae, Calamoceratidae, Odontoceridae, Goeridae, Lepidostomata-tidae, and some Brachycentridae.

5. Similar to Group 4, but middle tibiae without preapical spurs and with a row of black spines: Leptoceridae, Helico-psychidae, Beraeidae, Sericostomatidae, and some Brachycentridae.

MICRO-CADDISFLIES Family Hydroptilidae See also p. 215 Identification: Very small (1.5-6.0 mm.), usually with a salt-and-pepper coloration and relatively short antennae. Very hairy, with some wing hairs clubbed. Posterior portion of scutellum forms a flat triangular area with steep sides; meso-

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