bark and in dry or decaying plant material, and some are pests of stored grain. Most are predaceous on mites or small insects, A few feed on stored products.

SAP BEETLES Family Nitidulidae See also PL 6

Identification: Antennal club abrupt, 3-segmented. Shape variable, usually elongate, robust, sometimes broadly oval; rarely long and slender with short FW. Abdomen often exposed beyond FW. Black or brown, often marked with red or yellow. Tarsi 5-5-5 or 4-4-4. 1.5-12.0 mm.

Many nitidulids are common on decaying fruits, fermenting plant juices, and in fungi; some occur on flowers, some are found in nests of bees and ants, a few breed in carrion, and a few are


Prometopia i SAP BEETLES


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