Jumping Ground Bugs

Families Dipsocoridae and Schizopteridae

Identification: Length 1-2 mm. Antennae 4-segmented, the 2 basal segments short and stout, and the 2 apical segments long and slender. Ocelli present. Tarsi and beak 3-segmented. Dipsocoridae: eyes project outward, not overlapping front edges of pronotum; head and tibiae with strong bristles. Schizopteridae: eyes project outward and backward, overlapping front edges of pronotum; head and tibiae without strong bristles.

These bugs occur on the ground in moist places, usually beneath dead leaves, and jump actively when disturbed. They are chiefly southern in distribution and are quite rare.

BED BUGS Family Cimicidae

Identification: Flat, oval, usually reddish brown. 6 mm. or less. Wings vestigial. Antennae 4-segmented. Beak and tarsi 3-segmented. Ocelli absent.

Bed bugs feed by sucking blood from man and animals; 1

Oplan Bed Bugs

Oplan Bed Bugs

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