Leaffooted Bugs Family Coreidae See also Pl

Identification: Similar to Lygaeidae but with many veins in membrane of FW. Usually dark-colored and over 10 mm. Head narrower and most often shorter than pronotum. Hind tibiae sometimes dilated and leaflike.

This is a large group, and most of its members are relatively large bugs. They are widely distributed but are more common in the South. Some are plant feeders and others are predaceous. One of the plant feeders, the Squash Bug (Pl. 3), Anasa tristis (De Geer), is a serious pest of cucurbits. Coreids often give off an unpleasant odor when handled.

SCENTLESS PLANT BUGS Family Rhopalidae Pl. 3

Identification: Similar to Coreidae but usually pale-colored, less than 14 mm., and lacking scent glands.

Scentless plant bugs occur chiefly on grass and weeds, and are plant feeders; they are common in late summer and early fall. One species, the Boxelder Bug (Pl. 3), Leptocoris trivittatus (Say), is blackish with red markings and 11-14 mm.; it feeds on box elder trees, and often enters houses in the fall.

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