Longhorned Beetles Family Cerambycidaep 196

Body elongate, usually cylindrical; antennae at least half as long as body, often longer; usually over 12 mm.; tarsi apparently 4-4-4, actually 5-5-5 (4th segment very small).

Subfamily Cerambycinae p. 196

FW parallel-sided; last segment of maxillary palps blunt at tip; eyes usually notched and partly surrounding base of antennae.

4. LOCUST BORER, Megacyllene robiniae (Forster); N. America.

5. Neoclytus scutellaris (Olivier); e. U.S.

6. Taranomis bivittata (Dupont); sw. U.S.

Subfamily Lamiinae p. 196

Similar to Cerambycinae but last segment of maxillary palps cylindrical and pointed at tip.

7. Saperda cretata Newman; e. U.S.

8. ELM BORER, Saperda tridentata Olivier; e. U.S. Subfamily Lepturinae p. 196

FW often widest at base, giving the body a broad-shouldered appearance; last segment of maxillary palps blunt at tip; eyes oval or slightly notched.

9. ELDERBERRY LONGHORN, Desmocerus palliatus (Forster); e. U.S.

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