Longhorned Bugs Suborder Gymnocerata

Antennae exposed, and longer than head. Mostly terrestrial

(aquatic forms are generally surface-inhabiting).

WATER STRIDERS Family Gerridae

Identification: Usually found running about on surface of water. Middle legs rise closer to hind legs than to front legs. Tarsi 2-segmented. Usually over 5 mm.

Gerrids are common on the surface of slow streams and ponds. They are generally slender, elongate, and blackish, the front legs short and the other legs long and slender. Some are winged and some are wingless. They feed on various small insects that fall onto the water surface. They do not bite man.

RIPPLE BUGS Family Veliidae

Identification: Small water striders, usually less than 5 mm.y found near riffles of streams. Middle legs rise about equidistant from front and hind legs (except in Rhagovelia, which has 1-segmented front tarsi). Legs short. Tarsi 1- to 3-segmented, claws located before tip.

Ripple bugs are brown or black, often with silvery markings. They are fairly common insects generally occurring in swarms. They are sometimes called broad-shouldered water striders because the body is widest near bases of middle or hind legs and the abdomen tapers posteriorly.

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