Longhorned Caddisfly

BERAEIDS Family Beraeidae Not illus.

Identification: Mesoscutum without warts. Apical spurs of middle tibiae about half as long as basal tarsal segment.

This group contains only 3 small (about 5 mm.), brownish, and rather rare species, occurring in e. N. America. Their larvae make cylindrical and slightly curved cases of sand grains.

SERICO STOMATIDS Family Sericostomatidae Not illus.

Identification: Mesoscutum with a median groove anteriorly and a pair of small warts very close to this groove. Apical spurs of middle tibiae not more than J^ length of basal tarsal segment. FW with a long cross vein between Ri and R2.

The 6 N. American species in this group occur in the mountains of the eastern states, and in the West. One species is fairly common along streams in arid parts of California and Arizona. Larvae live in lakes and streams and make cylindrical cases of sand grains.

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